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best lowering height

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Hey guys I'm asking the people that know they technical stuff....What is the best height to lower a Civic to get the best handeling? I know lowering your car makes handeling better, but when you lwoer it too much, it actually makes it worse. How much should I lower it to get the most handeling from my car? Thanks alot.
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I say 1.5" drop is about the cut off line for a street performance/autoX setup.

Racing setup is more than just lowering, there are more things to take into consideration, and a lot more modification to do on the suspension to make it handles extremely good.

Racing setup = design for race track. Street is not a race track, road condition, road surface, road traffic, and other factors in everyday driving to think about, so racing setup isn't alway the best depends on what you are going after.

Also, Racing setup, requires the shocks, sway bars, and tires that will work the best with it to make it worth it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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