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best lowering height

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Hey guys I'm asking the people that know they technical stuff....What is the best height to lower a Civic to get the best handeling? I know lowering your car makes handeling better, but when you lwoer it too much, it actually makes it worse. How much should I lower it to get the most handeling from my car? Thanks alot.
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i know what u are talking about lx98 Civic, you would think that neuspeed made their springs a little bit lower in the front to compensate for the gap in the front being a little bit bigger than the gap in the back, but after all that, the gap in the front is still larger than the gap in the rear....oh well, I guess a .25 inch difference does'nt do much huh? by the way....u know a good place where I can get your Bilsteins from? i checked already but their stuff is kinda pricey compared to other places online.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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