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Best Motoring 350z swap rb26dett

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:btu Hi guys :D i have just posted this on street fire enjoy,
with Keiichi Tsuchiya

Click here guys
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great video, rep for u
BigPaco said:
great video, rep for u
What do you mean rep for me? :D
Nice vid. Sweet car that bodykit looks insane and well the engine speaks for itself.
sweet, I saw a US Skyline the other with the G35 Body. It looked pretty phat, but I don't know why they don't just use the overseas frame I wonder?? :confused
i saw one too, black..they look freakin mean
NX 2.0 said:
What do you mean rep for me? :D
i can see you only have 3 posts, so im guessing your new, rep is that little weight scale thing on the top right corner of your post, its just like reputation i guess, post a good video = get rep.
Damn that is a sick car. 600 HP plus did anyone else notice the carbon fiber doors, hatch, and hood. That is some serious weight reduction. Rep for u.
i didnt get no sound
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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