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Best Motoring GT-R Evolution DVD

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Ok, we just sent the master for this one off to replication. This one contains the uncut footage of the GT-R Nurburgring record lap. I'm going to try and watch it this week so I can find proof that Nissan cheated on the lap. hehe. DVD comes out March 31st.

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Some other good content on this one as well:
  • Amuse GT-R "Phantom"
  • Tsukuba Time Attack
  • E92 M3 vs IS-F
  • Giant Touge Test and Tsukuba Battle
  • Nissan R35 GT-R vs the World Part 2
  • Super Battle in Twin Ring Motegi
  • 2008 R35 GT-R "Kouki" R&D Undercover
  • Exclusive Nurburgring un-cut onboard footage!

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