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Best Service Manual??

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Not even sure how many there are, but do you guys have a favorite?
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my chilton's is a pos

helm's shop manual available at
Helms is by far the best. I don't own one, but my friend has one and its a great manual:)
I have Helms... its a hell of a lot nicer then Haynes or Chilton.
Although I don't own a Helms, Haynes and Chiltons suck a$$... they are never 100% accurate and the pictures and descriptions are not as precise as Helms...
I have all three manuals that people have mentioned for my '99, the Helms is the best.
Do they sell the Helms in stores?
i haven't seen a helm's manual at a store yet, but i do know of two places to get it:

1. (like my first reply said :D)
2. from your honda dealer's service department. just ask for their service manual.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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