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best Short shifter for Integra 2000?

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Anyone have experience with a good short shifter? I want to get one, but don't know what is good. Someone tell me their good experience please?

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Yes, it is a JDM shifter, and damn damn damn expensive. But know what? It ain't worth 300...

And I personally love my Neuspeed shifter. It doesn't have that rattle from the metal bushing tapping on the B&M Edge (dont' know if the Edge Pro does it)

I had the Edge...damn, nice shifter, good solid feel, but toooooo noisy.

The Neuspeed is shorter, just as solid, and quiet (cause you can fit the plastic spacer between the bushing and the shifter)

Pricey too though cause it cost me 150 :(
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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