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best Short shifter for Integra 2000?

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Anyone have experience with a good short shifter? I want to get one, but don't know what is good. Someone tell me their good experience please?

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I have a B&M edge shifter and it works great on my 99 INtegra LS
the throw is drastically shorter and you can chose two different shifting feels by the position of the bushings. They are pretty cheap to about $60
I bought mine from the NOPI show in Pigeon Forge but has them for 58.62
After I first installed it O k this is kinda embarising but I missed 2nd gear at a Friday night street fight at bristol dragway because the throw was much shorter than stock and my foot did not push in the clutch as fast as I could slam it back in second but after a week it does not even feel like you have a short shifter until you drive a car that does not have one.
It feels a little stiffer but that really depends on where you mount the bushings.

Yeah its lowered I used Tanabe Super Down Procedo springs and Koni adjustable shocks they seem to do good It was only about a 2 inch drop but I have 18's so I could not go much lower. I like a regular coil splring better than coilovers the ride is much better
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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