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i want struts that will be smooth, quiet, and comfortable. maybe kyb agx, bilstein or koni red? as for springs im thinkin of eibach pro or stock. any recommendations???
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H&R sports with koni yellows, or kyb agx.
at least "koni yellows, or kyb agx" is agreeable ;) idem.
I agree koni yellows/reds, kyb agx's depending on how far you drop your car. But I can almost guarantee you, the farther you drop it the softer the ride will be. But you'll increase your corning. Oh, and there is probably nothing more comfortable than stock.
the hot shit

ive got koni 22ways w/ ground controls the gangsta shit holla
Re: the hot shit

boostedb16a3 said:
Who the fuck are you calling a NOOB?
And what the fuck does noob stand for anyway.
it stands for newbie :) ...although i'm not sure if you were just being rhetorical.
Re: Re: the hot shit

anfrey said:
it stands for newbie :) ...although i'm not sure if you were just being rhetorical.
It was kind of rhetorical but I was hoping that somebody on the staff would see it and modify since i cant from the user control. THanks though LoL
lol.. yeah i wish we could set our own "titles" like on other forums, but i guess they've blocked that feature. i guess it's for the better, to keep it non-offensive... on OT there's some pretty bad ones out there :D don't worry, a couple more posts will change ur title.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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