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hey hows it going guys. I gotta 2000 prelude and got 40k miles on far i been keepin it in pretty good condition by changing oil every 3.5k and such... when did you guys get a tune up? another question, how much do you think i can get a tune up for at the honda dealerships? what are the major reasons tune ups are expensive?? thanks

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i'm due for a 45k tune up. its like every 15k you should get one. My dealership says this is what they do for that service

1.Check and Adjust Valve Clearance (if applicable)
* Inspect and Adjust Ignition Timing
* Check Air Cleaner Element
* Change Transmission Fluid
* Lubrication-check Fluid Levels, Lubricate all Latches and Hinges
* Change Engine Oil
* Change Oil Filter
* Inspect Drive Belts
* Lubricate Emergency Brake Cable
* Check and Adjust Clutch Release Arm (if applicable)
* Check Brake Fluid and Lines
* Front and Rear Brake Inspection and Adjustment
* Check Exhaust System
* Rotate Tires
* Correct Tire Pressure
* Road Test

well here's the link
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