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Best Turbo Cam For h22a.

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What are you people doing or hearing is good for h22a1's when running turbos with normal to higher levels of boost....
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del said:
stock cams work best with FI. FI don't like high-lift cams. :cool:
although he is right, crower makes a damn good turbo cam.. its supposed to be specifically for boosted cars.. i definately recommend checking into it.. my friend runs it and loves it! its mainly for turbo'd vtecs
4bidden said:
you still want lift with turbo you just want a shorter duration. a custom cam would probably do you best.
i agree.. let the intake stay open slightly longer and let that exhuast not stay open so long ;)... in ghetto terms hehe..
LowFlyingMR2 said:
I've heard a lot of good things about Crower cams in FI setups. Especially in VTEC FI setups. Good for elimintaing some of the valve overlap the VTEC causes without sapping power
ive heard the same..
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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