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jai si said:
Yeah I was thinking RevHard too, but the stage 3, does that exist? I think I was looking at the Stage 3 on or overboost or something with boost.
RevHard kits come in 4 stages: 1, 2, 2C, and 3... Over 10-12 PSI on a stock B18B is pushing it even with proper tuning, things are just more likely to go wrong at higher boost levels. If you are looking for a custom kit please contact me via PM or email at [email protected] - we have a group buy going on that is exactly what you are looking for and much cheaper than an Fmax kit. You can pick parts from a variety of brands including RevHard, DRAG, Max-Rev, Greddy, Apex-i, HKS, Hondata, AEM EMS, etc.. and assemble your own name brand turbo kit :D -mention I told you in the comments and I'll throw something extra into the deal. If you did go with a kit made by one company, I would recommend a RevHard Stage 2 - better quality than DRAG IMHO. I am not a fan of the FMax fuel setup either, the extra injectors cannot distribute the fuel evenly to all cylinders... I would recommend a standalone (Hondata, AEM EMS, etc..), 440cc injectors, and a walboro in tank 255 lph fuel pump over the FMax fuel setup. A stock B18B can handle considerable boost with proper fuel and tuning, so don't skimp on the fuel setup no matter what kit you get. And definitely don't run a kit with just an FMU and inline pump above 10 PSI, that is just asking for trouble. Please feel free to email me any questions you have
Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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