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OK i got my block back from a shop beed decked/bored. d16z6 build. i didn't know that the hot tank cleaning wasn't included. its already done but semi washed. it still not looked that clean so i still need to prep it....

theres some oil/metal shavings on the inside the block etc.
i need to get it painted the block,
whats the best good way to prep and engine block b4 painting it???
i assume i can't get oil on the surface otherwise the paint will not stick to it???
but also scared that if i wash it it will rust??? while preping it will rust like the top decked block cyl bore..
how fast does it rust after water soap degreasers has been contacted with it.. etc is on the surface????
the block has been decked already and bored honed clean////
will water on my block rust as fast???? how many minutes do i have b4 it rustS??? need help thanks....

please need some tips on prepping my engine block..
simple green/water scrub sponge??? or regular dishwashsoap/water???
blow dry etc? brake clean, wd40 then mask then paint???? if i blow dry can it rust as fast???? :confused

tips pls...
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