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born2speed said:
I beg to differ about the AEM Big Brake Kit getting the job done. I have the kit and have already had AEM replace my front rotors twice due to warpage problems that they say is unexplainable. I have had the brakes installed at 3 different shops all of which have been authorized by AEM to do the proper installation. My third set, the set I have one my car know has warpped again. I do not brake hard unless absolutely necessary. The rotors were broke in properly.
Did YOU Torque your Lugnuts? And what type of driving did you do?

I would suggest staying away from AEM, the problem is that they are more for show than they are for performance. There is absolutely no need for a x-drilled rotor and frankly very little need for a slotted rotor. I have done a lot of research after the fact and wish I knew everything I knew now when I was buying the AEM's.
Absolutely 100% AGREED!

My recommendation is to look into the fastbrakes kit. They will fit under 15" wheels, another disadvantage of the AEM's, nothing under 17". Trust me it really sucks when you get a flat and you have to call a tow truck cuz your spare can't fit on. Hope all this helps. I know that other people have had problems with AEM as well.
Agreed again, not that I have any personal experience with them but, for general practicality over the AEM's they just make sense.

Don't get me wrong, I am for brake upgrades just not huge tuner upgrades with unnecessary cross drilling that REQUIRE those obligatory Bling Wheels. I'd stick with some Brembo Blanks, Goodridge lines with Hawk HP+'s or Black's and Castrol fluid. Theres just No need for bigger brakes and certainly NOT Crossdrilled and for the most of you not even slotted.

For looks, I'd guess just get what looks nice and blingy...

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