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Lak Of Sp3d said:
OK, from forum to forum i saw alot of guys who spend alot of time help others who need help, so helpful i dont understand why they would bother! For example, say...i need to find the instruction to install Turbotimer, then some guys will reply "hit the research button". I mean..WOW! :noo so helpful. I dont understand why he would reply that? trying to be annoying? I mean if people didnt have hard time looking for it then why asking for help??!!? so dumb! leave it!

the thing is that the same damn things appear OVER AND OVER in every forum i'm on........

it gets annoying... the button is there for a reason, and if people used it right, we wouldnt have to post the same responses week after week
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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