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Black 5th gen w/ carbon fiber hood pix

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sup guys. I was just wondering if someone could post pix of a black 5th gen lude with a carbon fiber hood. I havent been able to find ne pix of a blak 5th gen w/ a cf hood. if you can post a pic of this, it would help me out alot
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It really doesn't look much different if you had to regular hood on....
i think it looks badass. i cant post the pic right now i am in school, but when i get home i will post it up and show u how bad ass it looks.
ok thanx alot buddy. post the pic when u get a chance bro. ill be waiting on ya hehe
thanx tswg. the lude loox pretty tight. think u could find a bigger pic though? thanx
Thanx alot bro! that was just what i was looking for lookatme. That helped alot.thanx budie =)
I need to get one for my car :D
kaminari makes oem hoods? didnt know that. cant go wrong with fiber images though. what you all think?
Looks like that kaminari one wasnt all that nice....
mike_sho said:
Looks like that kaminari one wasnt all that nice....
Looks can be deceiving ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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