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LOLS! At least the ad firm was smart enough NOT to use a Sony monitor in the background.:p

Black Wii shown off in Japan

Jun. 16, 2009 (4:12 pm) By: Blake Ellison

After nearly three years on store shelves, Nintendo is finally rolling out a Wii that isn’t an iPod-like shade of white. This one’s black, and like this spring’s red Xbox 360 tied in with Resident Evil 5, the newly darkened Wii will arrive bundled with a new Capcom release.

The image above comes from ”one of Nintendo’s new [ads] showing off just how sexy their new black Wii is,” wrote Capcom blogger Shawn Baxter. Getting a bit shameless, he added, “It’s looking even cooler with Monster Hunter Tri on screen…”

The 33,000 yen bundle ($330) includes a system, a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck all in black, in addition to the third major release in the mega-hit-in-Japan Monster Hunter series of monster-collecting RPGs. The bundle is anticipated to be a resounding success not only for the system’s new color but also for the game: Tri succeeds Monster Hunter Portable 2G (PSP), which has topped Japanese charts for over a year.

Japan gets the Monster Hunter edition Wii on August 8, but Nintendo has yet to announce an American debut of the black console. Since this box includes a Japan-only game, don’t expect it to cross the pond anytime soon.
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