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Blinker doesn't blink

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My gf's left front turn signal turns on, but it doesn't blink. Is there some kind of relay or fuse that's involved with this problem? If so, where is it and how do I replace it? Thanks ahead of time for your help guys... and girls.:confused:
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Well, I don't know what kind of problem that is, but the fusebox is located under the steering wheel on the leftside.
Try changing the bulb with the one on the other side to see if anything there could be the problem. Sometimes there are problems like that with dual filament bulbs.
It is for a '92 Ford Escort. I'll check out the bulb, but it was working properly with the same bulb beforehand.

What exactly makes the turn signal blink?
Are the turn signal lights on when the headlights are on? In other words, do your turn signal lights you are talking about act as parking lights as well?
I'm pretty sure they are both the turn signals and the parking lights in one.
I would check the bulb first. Because if the turn signals double as the parking lights then it is probably a dual filament bulb. Maybe one of the filaments broke causing it to not work right.
Thanks alot for the quick replies guy! I really appreciate it! It'll definitely earn me some points by making me look like I know exactly what I'm talking about. I mean I'm no dummy when it comes to cars, but this'll just make me look even smarter.
you might need to check the blinker fluid

Good one junglistgsr...I see we have some comedians out on the east coast!:p
MN91TEG said:

Good one junglistgsr...I see we have some comedians out on the east coast!:p

since you already had the question answered, i figured itd be ok to refer to the mysterious blinker fluid problem
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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