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We made a deal for the trim pieces for my del sol's targa top, had no problems whatsoever with him, he stayed in touch and as soon as the money got to him he shipped the pieces out.

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I wish I could get the guy who bought my brand new
Volk TE-37's for $800.00 +shipping, by MO, to
"testify". But, I bought some swaybars for my
Nissan last week from a site which only dealt with
Paypal transactions, so I suppose MO's only is just
a suggestion now, since I have an account, I think.
I don't think a third party's nessesary, really, but I
guess it helps fend off most of the low-lifes. Plus, I
guess, reading that "Paypal horror stories" website
made me realize how fucked up dealing with them can
be, as far as resolving issues.
EDIT: Those were WITH Toyo T-1's, BTW.
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