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Alright, so I have a bunch of parts that are all BRAND new in the box. I was going to build my LSVTEC motor and turbo but decided maybe going K series is better for me. I am not trying to make profit for any of the parts I have listed but only trying to make back EXACTLY how much I've paid for it. Not looking to trade either. Text/call anytime 407-574-1012. If shipping is needed it will be the buyers responsibility to pay for the shipping fee.

SKUNK2 Intake Manifold- 200
Golden Eagle 81.5mm Headgasket- $109
Integra GSR Throttle Stay - $15

Eagle Rods- $300

Moroso 4QT baffled oil pan B series- $145

Nippon Racing Pistons (fits any B series motor) LOW COMPRESSION 81.5mm FULL FLOATING- $220
•B16A Block and Head 8.58:1
•B18A/B Block and Head 9.23:1
•B18C1 Block and Head 9.32:1
•B18C1 Block and B18c5/B16A Head 9.48:1
•B18A/B Block with B18C1 Head 8.74:1

SKUNK2 Throttle Body- $130

OEM Oil Pump Oil Strainer w/ gasket 15220-P2T-000 & 15221-PW0-S01- $40

OEM B SERIES oil pan GASKET- $20


91213-PR3-004 X 2 OIL SEALS- $10
36172-P08-015 SOLENOID BASE GASKET- $5
12513-P72-003 CYLINDER HEAD PLUG- $5
30110-PA1-732 DISTRIBUTOR O RING- $1
15825-P08-005 VTEC FILTER GASKET- $15
91214-PLE-003 OIL SEAL- $15

ACL RACE BEARINGS Fits B series and K series- $102

Supertech Valve Keepers- $48
Supertech Valve Seals- $21
Supertech Valve guides, TURBO valve springs, TURBO valve retainers- $425

AEM fuel Rail- $85

AEM Fuel Pressure regulator- $130

600CC Injectors- $210

VTEC B SERIES OEM valve cover gasket/spark plug seals- $35

BlackWorksRacing clear ECU LID- $20

B SERIES SKUNK 2 Cam Gears- $125

SKUNK2 Spark Plug Cover for B Series VTEC motors- $25

INTEGRA GSR head perfectly running new valve seals was cleaned, pressure checked, still running in car so I can show you no ticks or anything. Asking price is $350.00

Bottom block LS with not so good rings $175.00



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i shared this on my fbook wall. i may have some people that would be interested in this
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