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body kit

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I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the 92-01 Veilside style body kit. I found one that I might want to buy, but I wanted to know first if anyone knew if it was any good or not.
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Not familiar with the Veilside line, however they are a good solid company. I am sure their products are the highest quality you can get. Watch out for fiberglass kits though. They can crack and chip much easier then urethane.
i agree with ludeboy.. they are one of the more respectable companies.. i love vis racing kits but the damn things just dont fit right.. and that is a big problem with full kits is that none of them fit well.. but if i had to choose the best fitting one it would probobly be the veilside..
I might get a black widow front end with ww rs sides and rear...depends how much its gonna cost me.
i wasn't aware that veilside made a body kit for the prelude. Where can i get pix of this veilside kit? i personaly have the ww rs racing series kit for my lude and it fits soo perfect. Id highly recomend the ww rs kit. It aint all outrageoues and is extremely kleen looking. its cheap compared to most other kits too.
wutangben said:
I am not digging that front end:(
lOOkatme said:

I am not digging that front end:(
Neither am I
dont like the side skirts either the whole kit is to aggressive
that kit definently doesnt to the lude ne justice. the front end loox simialr to the ww aggressor kit. i personaly dont like it =/
Well, I like the appearance, so I'm probably gonna get it. What I really was asking was if anyone knew if this kit is good quality.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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