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body shops in nor cal

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time for me to get a full paint job!! w00t!!! i'm going around getting estimates from some body shops all over nor cal (bay area, and sac) wondering if u guys know of any... thx
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Not really...more familiar with the shops in SoCal. Where are you from? I'm from Sonora which is about an hour from Modesto.
well, i'm from san jose but i'm going to school in stockton. so i'm and i visit friends in firsco and sac all the time, which means i'm all over the place :)
Bertalucci's in downtown sac - they are the best. they have done tons of show cars.
i tried to contact bartalucci's, but they couldn't find a listing for them... did u have any way for me to cantact them??
Here you go: Contact Terry Rodgers

1717 Stockton Blvd, Sac - Ca 95816
image bodyshop in daly city, ca is good. also 19th avenue body shop in san francisco.
thanks for the help guys. i'll be checking every one of those shops out. nothing but the best for mah baby!! if u guys know of any more then keep em comin'!!
I know you probably wanna stick to NoCal, but I had my parents take my car down to 20/20 in LA. Very impressed with the outcome. Kind of expensive, but they're one of the best shops and they're heavily involved with the show scene. Let me know if you'd consider going to SoCal.
well, my budget right now is to stay under 2000 for sure... 1800 would be ideal, i have cousins in SoCal with lots of connections but the problem is that i'd to go down with someone from norcal so they could bring me back.... and then go back down again... i'll give 20/20 a call tho. do u know where they are located or how i can reach them?
also i called bartalucci's, and terry said that they don't really do full paint jobs anymore, and got out of the whole show car thing 5 years ago. he said if they were to do it, it would take about a month and cost around 5-6g's..... i'm sure they do a good job but that's too rich for my blood:rolleyes:
For 20/20, (626)336-6000. Ask for Joe. They did LJ's cars so you know they gotta be good. Joe's the general manager and he's cool as hell. He's got the green chop top accord that was on the November issue of Import Tuner. Sweet car
anyone heard of BodyPros somewhere in so cal?!?! it's in either LA or OC. i keep hearing their name come up? anyone seen their work?
Yeah, they're pretty good. They did RJ's NSX, maybe his S2000 also. They've done quite a few show cars.
I had my fiance's Civic SI 00 done at Fabrications Specialties. Also, I had my Integra's 99 paint job done at Bertolucci's.

I hate Bertolucci's for one reason, because one guy didn't know how to drive a slammed car. Homie scrapped my front really bad. They repainted it, but man what if I wasn't there? They would've just left it as is.

As for Fabrications Specialties, they are very good. They secure their client's cars indoors and not like Bertolucci's where they park them outside. You be the judge. Check out what they done with my fiance's ride.

good luck!
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skoolbui18 said:
time for me to get a full paint job!! w00t!!! i'm going around getting estimates from some body shops all over nor cal (bay area, and sac) wondering if u guys know of any... thx
What does "w00t" mean?
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