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Bogging down when I pull away from a stop light. I am pushing on the gas pedal but the car seems to lag down and is actting like I am barely pushing the gas. It doesn't happen all the time.
I had a vafc install but I removed it and resolder the wires. The car is also going to get tuned on friday (fuel curves adjusted and what not)
What i would like to know is if it seems like a tuning problem or if I should resolder, or if it is something else.

Here is my car
370cc injectors
AEM Short RAM for LS
AEM high flow fuel rail
AEM pressure regulator
98 JDM style ported intake manifold.
Edlebrock throttle body
Crower stage two cams/tit springs
Ferrea valves
12:1 SRP pistions w/eagle rods
Car was just rebuilt completly within 3000 miles.

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