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bolt pattern for a 94 or 95civic that is a 4 lug??

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im tryin to sell my rims that i have on my car to some kid w/ a i think 94 or 95 civic 2 dr dx or lx and i want t know if the bolt patterns will match any help would be good
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nope... accord and civic are incompatible. accord are 4x114. civic are 4x100
depends on the wheel really, lotta time 4 bolt wheels will have universal lug pattern that can fit 100x4 and 114x4
yeah, if it has 8 bolt holes... but if it's just four... and on an accord... good luck on making it fit without a big brake conversion with accord-civic axle combo... unless you do an accord engine swap or a prelude engine.... sorry, just ranting.
looks to me like his wheels have the 8 hole "universal" option
ya it does have the 8 holes andthe guy i bought em from did say the were 4 lug universal but the 4 lugs have like a bigger lip i hope that makes sense like if i rotated the holes would the nuts still fit if i would fit on the civic??? this is hard to explain just writing so if i sound like a jackass try and figure somethin uta my ramblings
they'll fit if it's got 8 holes... the 4 holes you're using now are the 4x114 pattern. the other four that you're not using will fit the civic.
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