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boost on a B20b and B20z

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I am planning to swap a B20b or z into a 95 civic coupe and I was wondering what the internals could handle. The b20b has a CR of 8.6:1 and the z has 9.6:1 or something like that. I would be buying a Zdyne gold computer from my friend who has the fuel maps of another b20 turbo. I don't know what b20 he has, but i was just curious as to what boost levels could be run safely on a relatively tuned ecu.
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up to 14psi with no real problems as long as you have the fuel to support it
dont mean to snipe your thread but how much better is a built b20 vs a b18, do they both rev as high after being built, or produce good power with turbos?
B20 is just a bored-out LS, with thicker cylinder walls as far as I know; go for the CRV motor!
i am boosting 7 psi, on my b20b stock blcok witha b16 head w/retainers and valve spring , i am not sure what kind of hp out put or track times your looking for but i am fine with my 7 psi set up for right now i pulled 300hp/211tq and a best of [email protected] so far just need more track time should be able to hit a 12.5 if you have any questions hit me up i will be glad to help, wait sorry i will be gone more of this month i hope you can get the question to all your answers ... laterz DAVID
How much more horsepower/torque does the B16A head add to the turbo set-up over the stock head on the B20? I'm not looking to make an all-out race car, it has to be daily driven. Basically Im looking to get a faster car than the prelude i drive now, but i don't want to lose the torque of the H22.
what advantage does the b16 head have on a b20 block? less combustion chamber size? id think bigger would be better for more flow, if there is any diff in the heads at all

is there any rule of thumb for how much boost per compression ratio to run, at the same octain to be equal as far as molecule density or knock prone? such as for each 1.5 psi subtract .1 to cr?
hope that part made sence

thanks for the help
i have not scene any turbo b20'z using the stock head i do know the boar on the b20 head matchs that of the block at 84mm and the b16 head is 81mm i figured that would beaproblem but i am running my set up fine this is my car daily driven i got no other car and i am doing ok just some stupid map sensor problems but that wil be fixed real soon
turbob20ek- your car is sweet! Does anybody know if the combustion chamber on the b16 head can be matched to the 84mm of the b20? I don't think that I will be going b20vtec, but it would be useful info for down the road when it is a possibility.
All you have to do is have a shop SPOT FACE it to 84mm.
thanx guy i wouldnt worry about the whole difference in the head and block i didnt do jack for it and my car runs like a dream it is all about tunning,, i blew up a b16a and a gsr boostin just by bolting on the boost and saying fuck it, i finally got smart and tunned it and i couldnt be happier
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