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Bottle Warmer

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Ok I am going to purchase a bottle warmer and was wondering what is the best.

I have a Zex kit so I was going to purchase the one from them, but I know the one from NX relies on the bottle pressure to actually control the warmer. does the one from zex also do this??

What does everyone recommend!!!
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i got the zex kit and the zex bottle warmer. i was disappointed after i got it when i found it takes about 20 minutes for it to reach optimal pressure, but i think tats the case with all warmers. another thing, my bottle pressure with the warmer is suppose to be 900, but mine hasnt been higher than 800. they say my pressure gauge might be messed up, i dunno tho.
Where are you getting your power source from? Maybe you're not giving it enough juice, just a thougth.
my power source is coming from an amp wire from my battery. my amp wire aint connected to anything tho, cuz my amp got stolen. is it normal for my bottle pressure to be at 600 when its like 45 degrees outside. and with the bottle warmer only 800?
i have yet to put my bottle heater to use, BUT that thing got hot as hell when i tested it. i friggin burned my finger on it, and it had only been heating up for like a minute.

i got a ZEX bottle warmer... mine takes like a couple mins to work... the question i have is does it automatically shut off? because i heard to much pressure in the bottle can lead to a huge-ass explosion.
Two important things with bottle warmers:

1) Use a pressure cut-off so that they will not run the pressure over 900 psi.

2) Wire them through an ignition-dependent circuit. The warmers draw a lot of amps and you will kill your battery in no time if you leave them on when you park.

how do you wire it to a 900 psi cut off? i have a 95 prelude vtec with the nos kit wet 75 shot

i have for the kit:

bottle heater
bottle warmer
purge kit
remote bottle opener
msd window activation switch 4000 - 7400 rpm
Can you purchase a pressure cut off valve separately???

also I have been looking at prices and they offer 2 versions of the NX bottle warmer (a D-4 and a D-6) I am guessing that I would need the D-4 (my line is a -4AN), am I right??

Thanks for all the responses so far and please excuse my ignorance!!

correct me if im wrong, but i thought the zex bottle warmers and all other bottle warmers worked like a thermastat. they're not wired to read bottle pressure anywhere so it cant shut off on its own according to bottle pressure. it may get hot real quick when first turn it on, but if you keep touching it, you'll see tat it shuts itself on and off automatically. i guess its its dangerous to heat up a bottle too quickly. i assume tats why the guys at zex told me it takes 20 minutes to reach 900psi. to me this sucks, but i'll live. whens it cold outside and my bottle is at 600psi full, and i flip my switch, its a while til i see 800psi. maybe i havent waited long enuf for it to reach 900, but i dont usually drive for 20 minutes so tats why it sucks.
that is what prompted my question in the first place, from what i can tell (correct ME if i am wrong) most of them do work like a thermostat. The nx one from what i can tell is the only one that has a sensor that adds onto the bottle that reads the presure.

this is an install that honda tuning did in the latest issue if you look a #10 it shows the sensor!


PS does anyone have one of these??
You can purchase any component from the larger companies individually. You just have to look it up in their catalogs and order it.

The best bottle heater controls go immediately downstream from the bottle valve and work by pressure. Most are thermostats and just try to keep the bottle at about 85 degrees in the hope that this will give you the right pressure. Obviously, the pressure sensor is the better way to go. NX makes one, and I think I have seen others, but that is the only one I am completely sure of.
Rayman said:
Where are you getting your power source from? Maybe you're not giving it enough juice, just a thougth.
hey..nothing to do with n2o..but i noticed u have kyb agx's..i'm thinkin about buyin them..are they good????

nx is the best one, if you bought a warmer, go to their site and order the heater solenoid and get a relay, hook it up to ure warmer and have fun
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