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Brake Brake Brake

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I'm gonna up my wifes 99 civic ex..

AEM brake pads or the AXXIS brake pads ?

I have aem and powerslots for my accord.. they're not bad but the powerslot isn't really worth the price... lmk... thanks.. also whats a good place to order stuff from ? I usually order from autocarparts, majestic honda and that handa honda place..
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i have used the axxis brake pads and they're great... one thing you have to watch tho is that they need time to be heated up... one good stop will get them warm for you... after that they're great... :)
So why do you say your power slots weren't worth it? I was thinking of getting some here soon.
how about FERODO pads?
Roky said:
how about FERODO pads?
my friend used to have Ferodo brake pads on his
94 corrado vr6. he said they were ok.
now he has EBC green stuff and he's more than happy.
go for some EBC green stuff man.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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