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converting it to a disk break will not be so... hmm.. how should i say it.. not worth the money?? well dats just me tho, some people will differ

anyways, interms of performance if you want something that reliable with somewhat gains.. you could go with the infamous I/h/e combo.

for intake



dc 4-2-1 ceramic


greddy cat back or any other brand name.

but please know that this is only gain about 6~10hp increase fory your car. very little compared to how much money you have spent for just those 3 aftermarket components. also, get BRAND NAME products, those company worked hard to get that kinda reputation... and the items that they sell reflect such hard work. if you get cheap ass stuff, it will act like a cheap ass stuff. what you pay is what you get... btw you can get great prices on those things on ebay or
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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