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brake light on...??

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i cleared out my tail lights recently...and when i step on the brake, the warning light comes on saying the brakes arent lighting up...but they actually are

does anyone know what might be tripping this up? i noticed this black housing with wires going into it when i took out the left tail light...does that have something to do with it?

please help!!

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Check to make sure the 3rd brake light is coming on too. Oher then that there should be no other reason.
it turns out its the right brake light....but thats how it was...and then it worked again

but now its broken it the bulb? should i get a new bulb or just take it out and plug it back in to see if that helps?
get a new bulb. i had the same problem a week ago. for some reason the right side parking/brake bulb malfunctioned. sometimes it turned on sometimes it didn't and i had the brake lamp warning turn on. i just replaced the bulb and the problem went away :D
i dun have any extra 7443s...

i have the 7440s i took out of the reverse lights...but those are single filament...grr:mad:

and i only have 3 dollarz left after buying that bottle of stained glass paint....

blue interior here i come:D
haha....good luck with the stain glass paint....make sure you replace that bulb as soon as you get $2 more. there's nothing worse than a car with blown bulbs.
ahhhh thats how my bulbs messed up, your not supposed to touch em with your bare fingers, im not sure why but it blows them, jus buy new ones and make sure you use a cloth to touch the bulbs
take it too honda if that doen't work
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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