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brake light relay bad? please read....

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I got a 94 prelude si, and the brake lights wont light up when I press the brakes. the fuses and brake light switch have been checked out and are fine. Is there a possible relay somewhere I have over looked? and if so where is it located? under the dash, or under the hood. I was wondering if so, does it have a different name for it? like dimmer relay etc.
also ALL the bulbs have been replaced, and the third brake light lights up just not the rear tail lights. If anyone has any experience with this problem, or has in the past please share your input no matter how insignificant it may seem. any help would be much appreciated!!! thanks> PEACE knyce1
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If your third brake light is working, I would imagine that the relay isn't bad. When you press the brake pedal, do you hear a relay kind of click??

If you do, then it should be ok. Follow the wires as far as you can coming from your taillights, and make sure none of them are cut or grounding out on something.
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