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Brake Light stays one.

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Brake Light stays on.

Okay, i got home today and my gurlfriend said that she was following me and that it looked like i was riding with my brakes on. So, i looked and found the problem. The rubber-ish piece that goes on the brake pedal that pushes the switch in crumbled off. I was wondering if anyone knew where i can get just the new rubber piece. I guess i could go by honda tomorrow, but they'll be expensive, or want me to replace the whole brake pedal or something stoopid like that.
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Actually the rubber should be available from the dealer (not in stock all the time) at a reasonable price. Worst case is to go to a yard and buy the assembly and strip it off-or be real nice and maybe they will give it to you.
I got it today. It was a white piece, and it was only $2.07 from the honda dealer.
I just super glued 2 pennies to the metal stem of the pedal and it works fine for me now :)
The brake light in my console stays on all the time. It'd be the little sensor on the e-brake, right?
Um, or you could be low on brake fluid... CHECK IT NOW!!!!

well, went out and checked it, was a little about the minimum line, so I added a bit, light doesnt come on anymore :)
I did the same thing with the pennies and have never had another problem since.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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