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brake question

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will aem slotted rotors fit with stock calipers and pads?
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not if you are talking about the big brake system.
actually, yes...your stock calipers and pads will fit the AEM big brake kit. you have to have 17" wheels for most applications though. if you really wanna know, go to a e m p o w e r . c o m with out the spaces...naturally
"AEM’s Big Rotor Brake Kit allows for use of the Original Equipment (O.E.) brake caliper, making it the most affordable big rotor system on the market. AEM’s rotors have an average 20-percent larger surface area and can reduce a vehicle’s stopping distance by up to 33 percent. These oversized rotors also increase brake torque for reduced pedal effort and have a greater thermal capacity that extends performance during continuous hard braking. Venting was a key consideration in the engineering process of the rotors and ensures maximum heat dissipation for reliable, consistent braking. The AEM Big Rotor Brake Kit includes caliper repositioning brackets, complete premium and aircraft-quality grade hardware, comprehensive instructions and AEM decals."
oh those AEM decals ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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