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Hi guys I'm Josh and I'm new to the forum and to Hondas. I decided to start by building an H22A, and stuffing it into a 1994 Del Sol. I'm expecting above 700hp, on the low end, with a small supercharger setup, and just started some brake and suspension upgrades to accommodate the ponies.
I ordered and received a brake kit, online, and it's actuality of decent quality. Not American quality, but still, not bad. Only problem is, despite the ad promising fitment to my car and the usual other Honda/Acura cars, of the era, that often share parts, nothing fits. The caliper brackets differ from the stock, as do the caliper (slide, glide, guide, or banjo) pins, and the rotors, though gorgeous, are too big,as well.
My question to y'all is, is there some sort of adaptor bracketry, or anything to adapt from stock control arms and suspension, to a larger brake setup? Has anyone ever come across a similar problem? Any help, at all, would be appreciated! Thanx in advance.
Josh Z
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