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I'm wondering with are some good brakes to use with the stock rotor & calipers, and that would last for a good amount of time. car 99 ex accord
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AcCoRd DoRiFtU said:
do u mean break pads?
do you mean brake pads?
i have EBC green stuff... and i love em.
I went to a garage to get my rotors machined once, and the dude replaced the pads too cause he dind't speak english.

i realized right away and went back and told him to dig the pads out of the trash, and reinstall them. (the pads only had like 2000 miles on them at that point.. )

AEM/Nissin/OEM (all the same i believe) are good too..
I guess i'll stick with oem since most of you guys think oem is good for stock brakes. thanx
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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