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BRAND NEW Spoon and JDM Type R parts for sale!!! No sales tax !!!
Prices are final so please do not ask for anything lower.
E-mail me at [email protected]

check here for pictures!

Site may not be working so here is a price list
Parts are all brand new in orginal box or package.

Spoon oil cap $69.00
Spoon magnetic drain plugs $43.00
Spoon shift knob (blk or silver) $55.00
Spoon radiator cap $37.00
JDM Type R 98 spec 4-1 headers $389.00
JDM Honda 2.5" collector gasket $33.00
JDM Type R heat shields (top or bottom) $59.00 each
JDM Type R red valve cover $138.00
JDM Type R red stitch shift boot $38.00
Honda Civic type R oil cap $24.00
JDM 98 spec type R badge $43.00
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