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Brawn GP 1 and 2!!!!!!!

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The "killer Bees"..... Button and Barrichello from Brawn GP (formerly Honda F1) are P1 and P2 for tommorows race.
Im so happy for those guys and i want to see them do well. No one deserves it more than them.....they gave Honda many years in an uncompetitive car and theyre finally reaping the benefits.
Good luck to the boys from Brawn in tomorrows race!!!
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yea i saw that, it was about 330 in the morning on the east coast when it was over. Nice driving
My girl hates when i stay up late and leave her in Bed to wacth F1!!! I DVR'd it tho and watched it this morning. Cant wait for the race!
dvr'd both
pretty crazzy

wonder how long it'll last!
Yeah, congrats to the former Honda team. I think we can assume that when you keep the same drivers, same support personnel, but change the racing hardware then we sadly know where the weakest link in the prior team was.:(

Kinda strange not seeing a Ferrari car finish the race. Makes me feel like it's the late 80's or early 90's once again.:fear

For those that don't know:

GP of Australia

Melbourne 29th March 2009

Race Pos Driver Team Time Pts
1 Jenson Button Brawn GP 94:15.784 10
2 Rubens Barrichello Brawn GP +0.80 8
3 Lewis Hamilton McLaren +2.90 6
4 Timo Glock Toyota +4.40 5
5 Fernando Alonso Renault +4.80 4
6 Nico Rosberg Williams +5.70 3
7 Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso +6.00 2
8 Sebastien Bourdais Toro Rosso +6.20 1
9 Adrian Sutil Force India +6.30 0
10 Nick Heidfeld BMW-Sauber +7.00 0
11 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India +7.30 0
12 Jarno Trulli Toyota +26.60 0
13 Mark Webber Red Bull +1 lap 0
Ret Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari Retirement (lap 57) - damage from accident 0
Ret Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Retirement (lap 56) - due accident with Robert Kubica 0
Ret Robert Kubica BMW-Sauber Retirement (lap 56) - due accident with Sebastian Vettel 0
Ret Felipe Massa Ferrari Retirement (lap 48) - technical problems 0
Ret Nelson Piquet Jr Renault Retirement (lap 25) - spin in the gravel 0
Ret Kazuki Nakajima Williams Retirement (lap 19) - crash at Turn 4 0
Ret Heikki Kovalainen McLaren Retirement (lap 1) - broken front suspension 0
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