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Brawn predicts strong showing at Sepang 04 Mar 2002

Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn has said that he expects Ferrari to be competitive at the next round in Malaysia, even if they are still using last year's car.
Michael Schumacher took a convincing victory in Melbourne on Sunday, despite using last year's F2001 and Brawn admitted afterwards that he wasn't surprised the old car had been so competitive.

"I did not want to say too much before," said Brawn, "but the car was so good in Suzuka (last year) and we have developed it a lot since then."

Ferrari are continuing to develop the new F2002 this week and will next make a decision on its use in Malaysia on Saturday. However, Brawn said even if they delay its debut he expects another strong showing from the team at Sepang.

"Of course we will continue to develop the new car, as we are testing this week," he said. "From what we have seen here (in Australia) this weekend, I would be surprised if we are not competitive in Malaysia."

With Ferrari's chief rivals running on Michelin tyres, Brawn also admitted their Bridgestone rubber had perhaps given them an advantage in Australia.

"We won the race because of a combination of all the work we have done with the car over the winter and the development of the tyres," he said. "Bridgestone did a fantastic job."
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