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Not too long ago I replace my back break pads. Before I replace them my car use to be really loose, I could just push my car with a finger and it moved. Now it feels tense, like the breaks are on all the time. If I release the breaks in a stop light ,the car won't move like it use too. I don't like it at all. Have this happen to someone here before??? How do I fix it?? Thanks in advance
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Disc BRAKES drag. it's the sad truth. They shouldn't bind the wheel but yes they will drag. Make sure the caliper slides are properly lubricated.

OR If you don't think it's right, take it back to the place you had the work done and ask what they think.

Most likely they're fine

I did the job myself. What do you mean by DISC BREAK DRAG. can you explain that a little better??:confused:
Yes disc brakes's exactly like what you said, it "feels tense". As long as your wheels can spin a couple of times when you spin it when the wheels are off the ground, then you're fine.

How do I fix this?? New rotors?? Can I machine them??

Any ideas?/?:confused:
It they drag too much you will get a lot of heat. If you drive down the freeway and you feel a wobble and your brakes heat up then your calipers could be sticking. My left rear caliper seized up and was dragging. I had to replace it. Hopefully that is not the case for you. It was expensive.
Disc BRAKES drag
He also cap. the word BRAKE because you're misspelling it, the other way is like taking a break from work or something. And yeah if you replace those though, make sure you do both sides, thats just in my opinion....
Yeah, I forgot to mention that. If you replace your calipers make sure you replace them in pairs or you will have uneven braking.

My bad I guess I been fast fingering quite a bit.
Anyways, when I lift the car up my right side won't spin freely. I'm going to take that caliper off and try to fix it.
Yeah you'll know if it's your caliper if you let off the gas, throw it in neutral, and you start slowing down significantly. I wouldn't suggest going much further in that condition because I did and it ended up heating my wheel up so hot that it popped out the center-cap. Fuckin lost the thing on the street and almost ads a "rice-factor" to the look of the car. Funny thing was, when I replaced my caliper, they gave me more money for the core than what I paid for the new part. Go figure:confused:

Good luck

I'm waiting for the delivery. It should be here in a few days.
Re: Brakes

GSR_PR said:
I'm waiting for the delivery. It should be here in a few days.
Was a caliper bad?

Was a caliper bad
Yes, it mess up the cylinder
It happens. I just had to replace my rear calipers on my 94. Not cheap either.
Oh yeah

Not cheap either
How much??
I paid only $49 for a lifetime warranty
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