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Bro' hits 10's!! ( Nissan 2.0L SR20DET NX2000)

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He's been tuning and many trial/errors last couple weeks and this weekend he finally hit 10's!!!!( 130mph range) Were in Spokane,Wa. and he was the 1st last yr. w/ fwd 4cyl to hit 11's and now 10's.

Last yr. he ran stock turbo in SR20DET motor ofcourse ful race/gutted.

This year he stepped up to the bigger SR20DET w/ 4- throttle bodies = more hp' from previous motor and went stage 4 T3/T4 turbonetics turbo around 20psi range, bigger slicks, lighter!! He has direct port nitrous in each throttle body for next weekend plumbed hoping for 9's!! A couple runs traction was problems in 1-4th gear' wow! I couldn't imagine tracion problems in 100mph range!! He then started heating slicks more going into a 2nd gear burnout. Keep you posted, just was pumped to share and a turn here local for us import guys!!

here is link in early stages'

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hey man... good luck... im dropping in the red top pretty soon... im lookin at possible turbo upgrades... not too drastic... im sticking with internal wastegate...maybe i'll ask forced performance to hook me up with a custom big28...we'll see... im also getting new injectors... know where i can get 550's???

Those from the factory are pretty aweseome motors! Factory built turbo'd, can't beat that! Reliable and factory built for turbo! My bro' is a Nissan nut' nice to see some 4cyl fwd's coming close to 9's! 10.5 w/ out nos, this weekend hoping to squezze in 5th for 9's!!

Keep ya posted!

That's impressive..........I am serious I'm not trying to punk you.

I know a guy with a S13 SR20DET swap in his 240 and it rips....he's pushing a bar i think or maybe more.
Awesome job! When did he run? He should bring it over here to seattle and run. Too bad the import mix series is over. there was a EG civic coupe running mid 10s here. Congrats

Yeah everyone here is pretty pumped' !!~ Keep ya posted w/ this weekend w/ Nos, hoping for 9's!!



his slip is off my link below!
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