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i had just finished racing my friend Eric (type R) we were even in 1,2,3 and i pulled on him in fourth. later on that night i nailed it, shifted to second, power shifted third, and it wouldn't go in. i couldn't get it into any gears after that. the axle popped out. i pulled it over and me and my friends pused it to the royal farms. then today me and my friend Jim went to go fix it. we took off the lower ball joint with ball joint splitter, and pulled the suspension away, and behold, a chunk of the axle is stuck my fucking tranny. BEAT! so i call my mechanic and i'm getting my car towed tomorrow morning. i called Raxles (the company i bought my axles from) and they are sending me a new custom axle. till i get that one, my mechanic (JE Import Performance) is putting a new axle in. PLUS i need new front rotors and brakes. i have bad luck, but my rex is fast as shit and i love it.
cr-x forver.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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