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BTC with S-AFC

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is the boost timing controller nesseccary if an S-AFC is used because the boost timing controller just retards the timing when under boost correct?....but if u tune it with an S-AFC timeing shouldnt be a real big issue, right?

i will be upgrading to 8 psi eventually, and i already have a BTC..... but if i dont deen to use it i wont because i am planning on getting an S-AFC...
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I just went to 8psi on mine and don't even need the BTM. I keep it turned all the way down, but I'm keeping it installed just in case. With proper tuning you shouldn't need it, but conditions can vary and it's always handy to be able to just turn a dial on the dash and be safe.
how do u have the 2 hooked up?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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