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I PAID ultra for him to send his old OEM intake back to me, trust me, with the VERY VERY VERY little performance you get out of it, the 1hp or so you might get out of it isn't worth the extra noise, I was in heaven when I put the stock intake back on and it was quiet and I can hear my expensive system. Nice system with loud exhaust/intake just doesn't work. Just throw in a K&N and you're good to go. If you really want to get an aftermarket, don't get a CAI, the short ram's do the same and they're easier to install, and easier to clean the filter. Instead of spending money on pvc or abs piping, just get on ebay and buy a cheapo intake for almost nothing... and if you're worried about heat soak just spray it with rubber coating or heat spray, but it's up to you just my $0.02 ;)
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