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-Ported B16a intake manifold-$75 obo
-Ported and polished K20a3 head,no intake manifold,missing 4 valves/springs but otherwise perfect-$200
-NEW in box Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams for B series Vtec-$500obo
-AVID H22 mounts for 92-95 civic and 94-01 Integra-$150obo(no rear mount)
-2003 RSX Type-S 6 speed shifter box and shifter-$50
-Stock B16a cam gears-$15
-Stock B16a fuel rail-$15
-Gsr b18c1 throttle body,excellent condition,no map or tps-$45
-LS b18a throttle body,no tps-$35
-stock B18b cams w/gears-$30
-'92-'95 Civic Manual pedal assembly-$50
-'92-'95 Civic master cylinder-$25
-'91 Civic Dx Auto pedal assembly...throttle and brake pedal w/brackets and mounts-$30
-'90-'93 Integra LS front spindles/hubs-$40
-'90 Civic Dx front spindles w/brakes-$50
-'99 Civic Dx front spindles w/brakes $50
-PM6 CRX Si socketed ecu..ready for any chip,comes with stock program chip..$60,will include custom program chip
-PO6 ecu..perfect condition-$30
-'91 Civic Dx auto ecu--$30?
-Stock crx/civic Dx springs and shocks front and rear-$30
-Del sol tail lights-$40
-Del sol removable top-$60
-Del Sol doors w/power windows-$200
Dont really want to ship big/heavy items(doors),but will...All prices ARE negotiable and may accept trades.Need to sell soon to get a few tools I have been needing,so make an offer.May have pics of a few of the up what pics you need and Ill take them.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts