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Ive seen alot of tapes of people doing burnouts and was just wondering is someone can put me on to a method on how 2 achieve one...
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Step 1: Pull E-brake
Step 2: Rev almost to redline
Step 3: Drop clutch
Step 4: Rinse and repeat


Wont i stall if with my e brake up and whats rinse and repeat thankz 4 ya help
4. Rinse and repeat
is a joke man, just sarcasm like if u wanna do it again and again.

You will stall if you do not rev high enough but if you almost hit redline and drop the clutch you shouldnt stall. You should get a really hard jolt and spinning wheels.

I did this in a Neon but not with an E-brake. I just revved super high and dumped the clutch, the car peeeeeeeled out like mad.

This is expensive to do though because it will hella eat up your tires.
jest kidding about the rinse and reapat part. Jest keep on the gas bro!!! yeah!
yo..u posted samething twice.:rolleyes:
4BangingCord said:
yo..u posted samething twice.:rolleyes:
that was 2 different people
burnouts are cool...all i can do in my auto accord is chirp the tires tho...:rolleyes:
you can mess your 4spd tranny up by

"Neutral dropping"

shift to N
shfit to D4

....(tranny go boom)

or you can brake torque

Hand brake
hold brake full
hold gas half
release brake, and floor gas
leave the handbrake, and see what happens.
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theres also reverse drops...but those fuck up ur trannies to..i do those on my lawn mower:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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