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Been starting to notice a good bit of squeaking coming from my rear suspension. Took a look under there and noticed some of my stock rubber bushings were starting to go bad, probably due to the extra stress on them from the lower and stiffer ride of the Tein's.

I havent really seen any urethane bushing kits for sale, although I havent really checked that hard. If anyone knows of a set, lemme know. I know Prothane makes a lot of good stuff, and normally I see them have complete bushing kits for sale (to replace every suspension bushing on the car), but I havent seen one for the S2K.

Gimme a shout of you know of one

I just found these but I've never heard of the company before. Dunno if they're any good, and I'm not about to drop $100 on something if it's not even the correct product.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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