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bushing kit ?

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my stock bushings seem to be dead and i recently installed new shocks with 1.5' drop
is it worth installing the energy suspension bushing kit?
is it hard to install?
in fact is it worth the investment?

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civic is right..........

iLLeFFeKt CiViC is right about what he said about new bushings from energy suspensions. I have the master set for my 93 accord and have not put them on since I need a hydraulic press. If you really wanted to just buy the tie rod boots, sway bar link, and thats should be it and if your going to install new struts or springs get those set also since you have to take apart the whole assembly anyways put in new bushings. I tried to take out my lower control arm bushings and they were a bitch and never accomplished it so I left them alone so I have some bushings left a lot of them that I don't even use. just my 2cents.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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