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bushing kit ?

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my stock bushings seem to be dead and i recently installed new shocks with 1.5' drop
is it worth installing the energy suspension bushing kit?
is it hard to install?
in fact is it worth the investment?

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Well, if you don't have a hydraulic press, you can do the old fashion way - burn them out! That's what I did... take forever to burn those old bushing out, and then cut the metal rings, but not your control arms, and them hamer them out!? Trust me, you do want to have a hydraulic press!!

I had the entire bushing kits in, plus rear trail arm bushings. It's day and night difference. Well worth it, firm up the suspension a lot! The best part is, after you have all the bushing kits in, you can still change directions even if you are bushing the car hard in the corners. It gives you a very sharp and lightening fast responce.

Every little things you do on your suspension adds up to a big deal when you are pushing your car hard around corners!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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