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Sato resides in Monaco too. I guess a luxurious lifestyle and no taxation = good place to call home. :eek: Hopefully Honda will have a better time there, compared to last year. :cry

I wonder if anybody every found the diamond? :confused

Button and Barrichello return home to Monaco

The Honda Racing F1 Team heads to the tiny principality of Monaco next week for one of the most traditional and exciting events on the F1 calendar.

Monaco is a home Grand Prix for the team's race drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, both of whom live in Monte Carlo. It is also a race where both drivers have done particularly well in the past, with Rubens finishing on the podium at Monaco four times during his career and Jenson securing an excellent second position in 2004.

"Like most drivers, Monaco is one of my favourite races and it's always a bonus to be based at home,” says Rubens. “I particularly enjoy qualifying at Monaco, it's one of the biggest challenges of the year and so important to get right.”

Jenson, too, is looking forward to what promises to be an exciting weekend. "It's a different race than any other on the calendar, with so much history,” he says, “and it means even more to me as I live in Monaco so it's one of my home races. I'm really looking forward to this year's Grand Prix. I had a good race there in 2004, finishing second after a really exciting battle. You need good mechanical grip from the car and this is also a circuit where the driver can make even more of a difference to the race outcome. It's also a fantastic race for the fans who can get so close to the action.”
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