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Buying S2k Soon, Need HELP

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For all the s2k owners, I would just like to ask for your opinion. Well basically I'm planning on getting a s2000 within a year's time. I would like to ask, what is the best course for me to take in getting one at a good price. I live in the So. Cal region near huntington beach.

From what I heard so far, all the dealerships told me that they mark up the price about 2 to 4 thousand above the sticker price. Along with this is the taxes and licensing which comes to a total of 36 to 38 g's. Is this right?

I'm planning on purchasing the car in case, so I won't be financing it. I read somewhere that I could get MSRP if I were to put a down payment on the car a couple months in advance. Even with this the car comes to be about 35 g's out the door. So far I only have experience hassling dealerships for prices of accords, but there are an abundant ammount of these suckers around.

Any advice or perhaps a good location of a dealership near the So.Cal region would be greatly appreciated. For those who read all the way down to this part of my post, thanks for your time :p
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It is very likely to find an S2000 at MSRP in So Cal now. When the car was first released, markups were common everywhere; however, if you do your research, shop around, and fight for it, you can get MSRP or even a little under. I bought mine from Norm Reeves Cerritos for MSRP, which will come out to almost $36k out the door . . .
wow 36?

Dang that tax and licensing really hurts, from 32 to 36 g's. Well thx for the info, I heard that norm reeves sells at msrp also. Today I made a new friend at The House of Imports, and he told me he can get me a really good price on a S2000, hoepfully 34-35 out the door :-D
you could find alot at MRSP and SOME below MRSP, you gotta look around. trust me its been done i know some place $33k out the door
Find a dealer that has a good amount of S2000 in stocks, because when they have more then a few, it would be easy to talk the price down.

Also winter time is the best time to buy this car, and specially the end of Jan and early Feb because that's the lowest business time in call sell and usually Dealer would love to make more quote!
You should be able to get it for shouldnt have to pay any more
Thx for all the feedback, I'll be sure to stick it to the dealership when I head out to buy my s2k :-D
the absolute best day to go is december 31st. They need to turn in their end of month AND end of year sales reports, so if they can sell one more car and help out their reports, they are a lot more willing to work out a deal. It also helps if they have several in stock. And when you go, go in the afternoon. but not right at closing time (they close early on New Year's Eve). By the time you're done with the negotiating, the workers at the dealership jsut want to get the hell out of there and get their drink on! Also, be a semi-azzhole. Salemen are more inclined to give you a better deal just to be done with you. But not too much an azzhole or they jsut wont deal with you period. I've worked at a car dealership before and have done all the negotiating for friends/family many a times so I have a lot of experience.
got my '02 in hermitage, PA for sticker
Lucky bastard =P
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