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Bye Bye rims

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So I was driving home the other day, for it being winter in Montana there was no snow; so I decided to put on my summer 16s. So I was doing about 60 and then I noticed I hadda turn my steering wheel all the way to right right just to keep it straight. So after a minute or 2 of that, I turned my music down and sure enough, I have a flat. When I got it home I changed over to my stock wheels again (winter set) and saw that the rim with the flat is gone. Its scratched all to hell and in some spots its flat on the rim (that make sence) I don't think I'll get another one. They are Momos and are pretty expensive I guess, and they are way to heavy. Can't sell'em either. So I just lost a lot of money.
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it took you 2 minz 2 notice???

yea...the road is really old, it has dips and holes everywhere, and its slanted anyhow.
damn that sucks
sorry man, that kinda sucks. why not leave the goon ones on the back and have the steels on the front like all the other drag/ricers out there and then when you have the $ to buy another rim, do it
That would look funny and weigh my car down more.
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