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C-West kit

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Anyone know who makes good replica C-west kits, or maybe a c-west kit that doens't vost an arm and a leg. And with this kit would 16's look to small? are 17's a must. your opinions please. I think i asked this a long ass time ago but not sure.....:confused:
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i'm pretty sure vis makes a c-west replica - but its fiberglass - that's the only problem. 16's should be fine - I would go bigger though. Prolly 17 or 18
actually vis doesn't make a copy of the c-west, if they do i didn't see it. anyone know anyone else who makes one?:confused:
is 669 for a copy of this kit a good price considering that it is only made of fiberglass? the guy said that it's 7 layer hand laid fiberglass.:confused:
i'm new tothe body kit world

what is wrong with fiberglass?:confused:
just that I heard it's a bitch cause it can break much easier than urethane, but i think of it i might go for this kit.
what i wouldnt give for that bumper

we can get you a knock off c-west front bumper, thier made by sinsei. email me or IM me at o7DeEz7o for a price quote.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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